cdp thing what????

Yikes, I’m way behind – let’s see if I can catch up before the end… so hard to keep up when I have no internet access at home – that’s something I have in common with many of my students and many public library patrons (or clients or, um, users…).  Face it, I can give lots of excuses over the past 6 or 7 weeks for not keeping up but that’s the beauty of asynchrony:  I can do it later! 

And tell me, when is that meeting of the Procrastinators’ Support Group?  Next week?  How about the week after that?  I hope I can remember to be there… feeling defensive, I’ll just say beans were picked, zucchini was picked, the grass was mowed, several times, right up until the mower burst into flame – and the blueberries were picked, eaten & extras frozen. 


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cpd Thing 7

Professional organizations!  I follow ALA and NYLA (New York Library Assoc.) so that I can see what issues others in my field have to deal with – it helps to see how others solve the problems I have.  CPD has listed many groups based in the Isles – nice to know about but not as useful to me individually.   Checking them over, I wondered if there are equivalents to School Library Media Section (SLMS), a subset of ALA or ENYSLMA -think that’s it- which is a subset of NYLA.  (Get your alphabet soup here!)  School Library Journal (SLJ!) is a wonderful publication with great articles and hundreds of book reviews each month (well, 11 times/year): this is a great help with collection development.  Really makes me wish I had more to spend on books for the collection… I get online newsletters from School Library Journal and Library Journal: both of these help to keep me connected.  I’m also part of a listserv that is helpful, time-consuming, and international.  I’ve had some interesting online ‘conversations.’  Some have been from librarians quite near and some from a thousand miles away.

The international groups look interesting.  I like World Cat for the ability to search academic library collections and find the nearest copy of a book.  More to investigate there.

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cpd thing 6

Busy busy!  This ‘thing’ had lots of things to do and I’ve only seen the first half, I think – so:

LinkedIn: looks like this one is serious… an online CV posting site.  I’m not in the market for a new job and have what I think are pretty good connections but can see that this would be extremely useful to get your professional stats and accomplishments out there.  The basic package is free. 

Librarians as Teachers network: sounds promising but some of the discussions seemed pretty old.  Further investigations warranted.

FaceBook: so many people, so little to say… excuse me, but really, what are they all saying????  Wait, I can see that you can contact a group of people all at once so that’s quicker than going old school and say, actually telephoning ‘friends’ and speaking with them.  This will be useful to get the word out about events and announcements.   A good way for followers to keep up with what’s coming up.

Twitter: hey, what are you having for lunch?  for quick communications, here’s your site.  Another way to get the word out.

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cpd thing 5

my reflective practice:

what’s out there? -> what’s it to me?  -> how can I use this? 

So far: thing 1 – made a new blog, discovered another blog I had hope to rejuvenate from last fall has had its parent site hacked and my lovely password  (which I had a hard time recalling anyway) was stolen along with bazillions of others.  What’s up with that?  Would the hacker have picked my pocket if next to me?  Well, have some pocket lint!  What would my application be here?  I already have another blog I’m using for cpd23.  And I can and will) make a new one to add to my work web site to get the word out to my students about new books – I originally thought I’d have students contribute but that didn’t work out.  I can just write about books I read & think will be interesting to my students.  I like writing about what I read but I’ll have to work at fitting it into my schedule.  I like skipping around in the blogosphere so the verdict is Cake!

Thing 2: loved reading others blogs – what a great collection!  I haven’t commented on too many but others have found me!  (I’m not alone anymore ;-0  thank you, universe!)  So many great blogs!  So many great ideas to put to use here!  The verdict?  fun to read, gets me feeling creative to see how others have done things – it’s almost like bouncing ideas back and forth with colleagues  So the verdice would be cake with that yummy fudge type frosting! 

Thing 3: My brand – scary to check up on what’s out there about me but on the other hand, not much to see here, folks, move along…  The worry was worse than the reality (and ain’t that usually the way!).  I realized that what’s out there can be subdivided into 5 categories:  (of course i’m going to sort things into categories – it’s what i do!) school library (work) website, public library volunteering, concerts I’ve been part of, family obits in which my name appears (as a survivor – there is no truth to the rumor that I am a zombie), and by far the largest category – pieces of my name found in other peoples’ names.   This is sort of a Frankenstein effect.  Verdict:  hmmm-I am more aware of how info about me might be presented.  So is there cake?  Well, it couldn’t have been easier to find info about me so there is cake but it’s a flavor I don’t particularly care for. 

thing 4: RSS feeds, Twitter, Pushnote.  Love those RSS feeds – my own personal organizing service!  My dad used to send me clippings from the newspaper where he lived – there were articles about education, libraries and, not intentionally to give me the heebie-jeebies but still, articles about bears interacting badly with people and pets.  Feed the birds at the wrong time of the year and attract the hungry, ill-tempered (in early spring or late fall) black bear who just wants to eat everything in sight.   Leave any edibles in your car?  A black bear can open a car by pushing in the window…  Your dog out on the porch with a bowl of kibble could become a snack for a black bear.  Thanks, Dad, I had gotten over that fear of the dark instilled by my four older brothers but it’s back!  So getting RSS feeds is cake, in comparison.  Twitter is easy – I hope to use it for book tweets in conjunction with my website.  Not sure how many students use it.  No verdict until school opens again.  Still to try: Pushnote but I don’t have the “right” browser so that’s for the future.

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thing 4 cpd23

Well tweet this!  I signed up for twitter (easy) but sort of wonder if I’ll have time to pay attention to messages.  I like that the tweets are short and that I can pick and choose from among the gazillions of tweets that are flying around the ether… should be a fairly easy way to contact my students – if they are allowed to tweet on school’s network.  Of course, there’s always face-to-face.

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cdp thing 3

Read the ‘creating a brand’ articles linked to thing 3 – I somewhat foolishly thought if I stayed off social networking sites, I’d maintain my status as a private citizen.   No, no, no.

Oh, my – I didn’t think I had much of a presence on the web…  but there are many pages with much repetition.  Kinda creepy (big brothery – who knew someone was compiling all this?) but maybe not as bad as I thought.  I have several work-related items (web-site, blog comments), some volunteer efforts (public library related – library board, friends news, fundraising), several musical items (fiddling!  playing for contras and squares -wait, that would be square dances, concerts), some personal ones (obits for family members, mentions of relatives in various places), and the not-me-but-parts-of-my-name results.  

There seem to be lots of web sites that would like to sell someone info about me.  Who would buy this info??  And can I just say “lay off” right now?

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So I just finished the CDLC’s “10 things” last week.  Our lovely leader urged us to keep going with cdp 23 Things for Professional Development.  I want to continue to play with these new tools – and keep learning.  I am about at the end of my school year: only 4 more days but who’s counting?

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